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“Delivering the winery experience to your customers”

This is more than a slogan, it is our raison d’être. We all know that the wine always tastes better at the winery because the scenery, sensations, and companionship are woven into a unique adventure. Our goal is to give you the tools, information, and understanding to virtually transport your customers to the winery so that they have a memorable experience that transcends the wine in the glass.

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Serendipity Wines represents wines from around the USA and the world and distributes them to specialty markets, wine shops and restaurants throughout Texas. We emphasize terroir-based wines that reflect the winemaker's dedication to quality and uniqueness, chosen with care from the old world and the new.  Please take look at our "wine list" to see the incredible selection of fine wines currently represented by Serendipity Wines,LLC.

2019 Serendipity Wines Texas Tour

Join us on the 2019 Serendipity Wines Texas Wine Tour as we travel across Texas March 25th to 28th. Contact us for more information about the tour as we land in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin & Houston. Don’t miss your chance to learn and taste this beautifully contoured collection of some of this year’s finest wines from around the world. For more information please contact Looking forward to sharing and learning with you.