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Requena, Spain

Tarantas wines are produced in Spain at Bodegas Iranzo. Since 1994 Bodegas Iranzo has exclusively produced wine from organically grown grapes making the winery one of the oldest-established vineyards in Spain to apply this European Organic regulation. Bodegas Iranzo is one of the first bodegas in Spain to be certified EU organic and the FIRST bodega in Spain to receive USDA National Organic Program certification.

Tarantas Website

Venica & Venica

Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Spain
Our history began in Mernico, a tiny village of 30 people just 3 kilometers from Dolegna del Collio where great-grandfather Daniele was born on March 9th 1898. He was the 2nd male of 11 children in a big farming family. Daniele was born and raised as an Austrian but on the February 6th 1930 he bought a small house and a hill in Dolegna del Collio. A few months later he became father of Adelchi, the only male of 3 children. After the war the property was a farm where vines and fruit trees were grown together biologically. The farm sustained the family’s needs first and the excess was sold to restaurants in Udine and Cividale. For years Daniele and Adelchi worked together buying and working abandoned vineyards, experimenting to find the perfect combinations of vine and vineyard and creating a peculiar mosaic of microclimates surrounded by forest. Adelchi then had two sons, Gianni and Giorgio. They continued the viticultural philosophy of their parents and decided to maintain the same respectful approach. In the last three decades they developed ways to express in the cellar that peculiar sense of site that our wines are able to communicate but -the last sentence was cut off on the site.

Cantina della Volta

Modena, Italy

The Donum Estate

California, USA

Humberto Canale

, Argentina

Humberto Canale’s name is intimately connected to the growth of Argentina and the industrial development of Patagonia, a project that become real after the construction of the railway, that connected this remote, worlds Southernmost, lands with the rest of the country.

Locate in the middle of an oasis in the High Valley of Negro River, the winery has its origin in 1909. Little after the Desert Campaign (1878-1885) when his founder, Humberto Canale, settled up and helped develop the irrigation system in the area, between 1898 and 1904.

His long term vision led him to buy 200 hectares in this wild location and import the necessary equipment to develop the viticulture in the region. In 1912 vineyards were already planted and by mid XX century its image was consolidated.

By injecting a good deal of professional know how into the valley’s activities he managed to promote investigation and creativity, thus allowing the world to see that the region possessed a special terroir that gave birth to different, very characteristic wines.

Humberto Canale Website


California, USA


California, USA

The Bianchi family has a long history of involvement in the wine Industry, dating back to 1974 when Glenn and his father, Joseph invested in a winery and vineyard on the banks of the San Joaquin river in the Central Valley of California

Utilizing the most advanced farming and production technologies, the Bianchi family quickly grew to become an industry leader, producing award winning wines.

In pursuit of his lifelong ambition of producing ultra-premium wines, Glenn set his sights on finding a new vineyard and winery location. After searching throughout California for the finest terroir to meet his requirements, he settled on Paso Robles. Glenn was impressed with the region’s outstanding reputation for quality wines and its natural beauty.

In January of 2000, Bianchi purchased 40 acres of vineyards on the East side of Paso Robles and built a showcase winery and spectacular hospitality center on the property.

Situated on a gentle rise, the new Bianchi Winery has a commanding view looking west over undulating vineyards dotted with ancient oaks. The state of the art stainless steel fermentation tanks provide the winemaker the latest computerized monitoring system and the option to make select, limited production wines. Similarly, the new barrel room for the French and American oak has the capacity to allow blending and aging of small lots.

The Bianchi Tasting Room is the fulfillment of Glenn Bianchi’s dream to provide a great sensory experience for visitors to the property.

Nestled in the estate vineyards, the facility rises above a waterfall fed lake that gently laps the stone terraces. The soaring glass walls take advantage of the peaceful surroundings from every angle.

Its adjacent vineyards support the belief that it is vital to grow only those varieties of grapes which are best suited to the particular aspect of the land: such as soil, exposure and climate. That is why the Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Syrah and Merlot are planted in the winery’s sloping vineyards. These varietals make up our sought after Heritage Selection.

Our Signature Selection wines are made from grapes purchased from the highly recognized vineyards adjoining the Bianchi estate and from other premium growers in and around Paso Robles and the Central Coast. Our long and close relationship with the best growers assures us access to each harvest’s top quality grapes. Our Signature selection comprise of Edna Valley Chardonnay, Paso Robles Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc. Come and sample some of our limited released wines, such as Sangiovese, and Italian varietal grown here in Paso Robles called Refosco.

It is here at our new home in Paso Robles that the Bianchi renaissance is taking place as we expand into the super and ultra premium categories with estate grown and hand crafted wines.

Bianchi Website


California, USA


A family-owned and operated winery that was named after a 19th century settlement in the mountains of west Paso Robles, California. Situated at 2,000 feet of elevation and 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean, the terrain of the Adelaida, California district is marked by ancient calcareous soils, diurnal temperature variations and warm, dry growing seasons.

Adelaida Website

Raptor Ridge

Oregon, USA

Since 1989, Scott Shull has been making Oregon wines—first as an independent producer, and since 1995 as a commercial winemaker at Raptor Ridge Winery. Scott strives to craft wines that are interesting to the palate and to the mind—wines of complexity, finesse and place. Born in Kentucky and raised in Des Peres, Missouri, Scott is a self-taught winemaker, having learned by doing, reading, and attending extension service courses on viticulture and enology offered by U.C. Davis, Oregon State University, and Chemeketa Community College, and by participating in the Willamette Valley’s Westside Winemakers Club for a number of years. Scott serves on the board of Oregon Pinot Camp. Previously, he has served as a board member of Gov. Ted Kulongoski’s Brand Oregon campaign; was a founding director of the Oregon Wine Board; and is president emeritus of the Chehalem Mountains Winegrowers Association.

Raptor Ridge Website

Meeker Vineyard

Sonoma, California

Charles and Molly Meeker bought their first vineyard at the end of West Dry Creek Road in Sonoma County’s Dry Creek Valley in 1977. In 1984, Charlie and Molly established their winery — The Meeker Vineyard — with Charlie as the winemaker. In its early years, the winery specialized in Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Chardonnay.

The winery’s first red wine release, a 1984 Zinfandel, was an instant success, winning eight wine competition medals and becoming the third most awarded Zin in the country that year. Thereafter, among other awards, the 1985 Meeker Zin was a Wine Spectator “Best Buy”, the 1986 Zin was a “Spectator Selection”, and the 1990 Zin was included among the Wine Spectator’s “100 Best Wines of the World”. During this period Charlie was also honored to present a Meeker Zinfandel at one of the famous Windows on the World wine dinners in New York. And Zinfandel wasn’t the winery’s only success – for example, the Spectator gave a 91 to one of Charlie’s early Chardonnays.

Meeker Website

Domaine de l'Ecu

, France


, Italy

Talamonti was founded in 2001 by the Di Tonno family, in a magnificent, unspoiled part of the Abruzzi. Our daily objective lies in constantly seeking the best interaction between the varietal in our vineyards, the sun-exposition, the training method, and the desired yield, with the sole desire to best express our unique terroir.

Talamonti vineyards at the turn of the century have expanded to 32 hectares in production in the municipality of Loreto Aprutino. In addition to the native Montepulciano d’Abruzzo and Trebbiano d’Abruzzo, other varietals have been planted. Pecorino, for example was planted in 2004 as part of an estate experiment to study the ability of other varieties to adapt and express themselves. Our vineyards circumnavigate our winery and are located at 300 meters above sea level with South East exposure in the Tavo Valley region.

Talamonti Website

Franco Serra

, Italy

Franco Serra is produced by the Sperone family who have been making affordable premium wines for four generations. In 1920, Antonio Sperone opened a small wine shop in Torino where he sold bulk wine directly to consumers. Unsatisfied with the quality and price of the local wine, Antonio started his own winery in Puglia where land was inexpensive and produced good wine. He built a bottling facility in Torino and was soon able to offer his customers quality wines at prices everyone could afford. Sadly, it was destroyed when the city was bombed in WWII. The winery in Puglia survived the war and enabled Antonio’s grandson Giacomo to open a new facility near Milan where he produced vermouth, sparkling wines, spirits and fine wines. With the help of his sons Paolo and Antonio, the company grew quickly and achieved distribution throughout Italy and expanded into foreign markets. In 1965, the family purchased 75 acres of prime vineyards in Piedmont and built a new winery in the small town of Mombaruzzo just outside Monferrato.  In 2006, brother and sister Andrea and Francesca became the 4th Sperone generation to join the company.  Even as prices fetched for wines from this increasingly fashionable region continue to climb, the Sperone family proudly focuses on value.  Franco Serra provides everyone with the opportunity to drink thoughtfully crafted, distinctive wines from Italy’s most renowned region.

Franco Serra


, Italy

Contratto was founded in 1867 by Giuseppe Contratto and the winery is known as the oldest producer of sparkling wine in Italy. In fact, the “Metodo Classico” 1919 Contratto Extra Brut was the first vintage sparkling wine ever made in the country.

The winery has a long, distinguished history. At the turn of the 20th century, its wines were leaving Canelli for destinations all over the world (predominantly to royal houses), and Contratto was the personal supplier to the Vatican as well as to the Italian Royal Family. Awards and medals from international exhibitions and contests of the time emphasize why the name of Contratto has long been synonymous with prestige and quality in the world of sparkling wine.

Contratto Website

Georgian Winehouse

, Georgia

Georgian Winehouse’s mission is to tell the untold story of Georgian wines to the US. Georgia has been making wine for over 8,000 years, yet most Americans are not aware that it is even a country let alone a wine producing country. Our mission is to share the beauty and delicious taste of Georgian wines with the US and to help people experience something more than what they have already tasted. To all those who Drink Different, we salute you!

Georgian Winehouse


, Italy

The Tonnino family has always cultivated its land with a passion for tradition, a deep respect for the territory and attention to technological innovation. Nestled in a beautiful landscape at an altitude of 200-450 meters above sea level, the Tonnino estate benefits from the unique features of the local environment.  The microclimate offers the perfect balance of sunlight and temperatures, and it allows for the ideal ripening of grapes and the preservation of a wealth of aromas, which are later revealed and savored in every glass of Tonnino wine.



, Italy

A company steeped in Italian heritage. Owners Julius and Paul Angelini spent their childhood years in the farming village of San Lorenzo in Campo, within the Marche region of Italy. The family’s third generation, 200 –acre farm land featires with 8 specialized acres devoted to vineyards of Sangiovese, Vernaccia & Merlot.

In 1986, Angelini Wine, Ltd. was founded by Julius and Paul Angelini when they were joined by their longtime friend, Ron Plebiscito. The partners are known for their intimate understanding of the production of premium quality wine. Coupled with hands on knowledge of the shifting US wine market, Angelini has carved a niche for itself among a very small pool of importer/distributors in the US with thriving vineyards in Europe. The trio makes frequent trips to Italy where they have personal relationships with each producer and visit the vineyards and tour the wine cellars. The partners search continuously for authentic, high quality wines from around the world including; Italy, Argentina, Germany, and California; as well as sake and plum wines from Japan. You can find Angelini Wine Selections in retail locations and restaurants in more than 14 states in the United States.

Angelini Website

Pellegrini Wine Company

California, USA

Family owned for four generations, Pellegrini Wine Company at Olivet Lane Vineyard is located in the Russian River Valley. The Pellegrini family name has been associated with every tier of the wine business since the early part of the 20th Century, from grape sellers to a wholesale wine distribution company.

In 1973, the Pellegrini’s purchased a 70-acre apple, plum & olive orchard on West Olivet Road in Santa Rosa. They planted Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, developing one of the first vineyards in the region devoted exclusively to these two varieties—which would become known as the Olivet Lane Vineyard, named after the 120 olive trees which line the vineyard’s east entrance. It was one of the first Pinot Noir estates in the Russian River Valley, and over the years has been the grape source for many of the Valley’s Pinot Noir luminaries, in addition to the family’s own award-winning Olivet Lane Vineyard Chardonnay and Pinot Noir production.

Today, Olivet Lane is home to Pellegrini Wine Company’s state-of-the-art Tuscan styled winery, which opened its doors in 2001. Along with winemaker, Lynn Krausmann, we employ old-world artisan winemaking methods to craft the very best Pinot Noir and Chardonnay in Sonoma County. Quality & unadorned terroir is of our utmost priority in every bottle.

Pellegrini Website

R&R Selections

, Greece

Since antiquity Greece has cultivated and celebrated wine. Today Greek wines are exceptional, exciting and compelling. R&R Selections invites you to experience the distinctive essence of Greece in our uniquely superb wines. We source wines with an emphasis on sustainable, single vineyard traditions, crafted by trained oenologists and passionate artisans. Capture the spirit of Greece to share your moment.

R&R Website

Domaine Bousquet

Mendoza, Argentina


The Bousquet family hail from the city of Carcassonne, in the South of France and have 4 generations of history in the winemaking tradition. Our passion is to produce wines of superior quality and this is what lead us to Argentina to begin a new chapter in the tradition of our wine making.

In 1990, the Bousquet family arrived in Mendoza to investigate the vineyards and wineries. We discovered that the region had unique characteristics including the soil, altitude and terroir. Because of these characteristics and qualities, we knew we had found the ideal location for a winery.

In 1997, a parcel of land was purchased and we relocated from France to the foothills of the Andes. The 110 hectares parcel is located in the Gualtallary valley in Tupungato, Mendoza at an altitude of 1200 meters (4,000 feet), making it one of the higher altitude vineyards in Mendoza and the world. With cool nights and a near constant breeze, the vineyard is located in a region with the idyllic conditions to produce ripe grapes and extraordinary wines.

Another unique characteristic of the region is the low amount of rainfall (approximately 20cm a year). This allows us to control the watering of the grapes via a drip irrigation system. The same water that we use on our vines is bottled and sold locally and is one of Argentina’s most popular bottled waters. The quality of the water and our ability to control the watering regime assists in producing grapes with a lower pH which in turn produces wonderfully balanced wines with great color.

The objective of the Bousquet family was to unite our tradition of European wine making with the ideal agricultural conditions in Mendoza. The result of this union are extraordinary wines that boast incredible color, delicious fruity character, good structure with ripe tannins and perfect acid balance.

Our young wines age gracefully and continue to receive accolades in the International Wine Press. They can be found in over 50 countries around the world.

Rosenthal Wine Merchant

, France, Italy, Switzerland, Spain

For more information about the producers and the full portfolio, please visit www.madrose.com

Michael Pozzan - Annabella

California, USA

Named to honor Michael Pozzan’s venerable grandmother, Annabella wines are hand sourced from select vineyards throughout the Sonoma and Napa valleys. Whether cabernet sauvignon, merlot or chardonnay, these wines are a toast to a spirited woman of remarkable grace. We remember her love of cooking for family and friends and we celebrate it to this day. Annabella wines represent a wonderful combination of quality and value.


Michael Pozzan Website



Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy

A history that goes back fifty years which has lead its protagonist on a life-long rewarding journey:
Dorino Livon, has indeed become one of the most successful and well recognised Friulan winemakers.
A life-long story that has its roots in the family’s passion and traditions: a true love for the homeland, Friuli or better the Collio and the Colli Orientali del Friuli, the far north-eastern corner of Italy and gateway to Eastern Europe.
Dorino Livon acquired his first vineyards on the Collio hills in 1964, and slowly, plot by plot he expands his property establishing the Azienda Agricola Livon estate.


Livon Website


Bodega Viña Nora

Galicia, Spain

The philosophy of the winery is to allow the Albariño grape to achieve maximum expression of its maturity. Although Albariño is an Atlantic varietal, it loves the sun. The grape only reaches its maximum potential when it is harvested fully ripe. This is achieved in this part of the appellation by careful vineyard and vine management, leaf control, and very detailed selection of grapes. It is a great gamble to keep the grapes on the vine as long as possible to maximize maturity because of the constant threat of the inevitable autumn rains.

“Finca Grande” (Viña Nora), is per tradition the first harvest in Rias Baixas but this is not the case for Nora, since we look for an extra of quality in terms of the ripening point of the fruit. For Nora vineyards from the property are used. The grapes for this wine come from 48 acres of 20-year-old vineyards which yield 2.5-2.9 t/acre, in the town of As Neves, which is in the sub region of Condado Do Tea on the banks of the Miño River.

Cantine Francesco Montagna

Lombardy, Italy

Since 1895 Cantine Francesco Montagna has been transforming grapes into wine with the same passion. The wine estate boasts more than a century of history in Broni, an ancient village with a great wine-making tradition, situated in the center of one of the territories that produces universally esteemed red and white wines.

When it comes to making wine, Cantine Francesco Montagna is guided by one simple principle: to allow the terroir of its vineyards to express themselves. The starting point is the careful selection of the most suitable grapes coming from the vineyards of 40 winegrowers for a total area of 150 hectars. Today as in the past, an ongoing commitment focused on making the traditional wines of the Oltrepò Pavese known everywhere.
The winery produce 4 lines of wines, each of them has its own character and personality.

Cantine Montagna Website


Bosco Del Merlo

Veneto, Italy

Bosco del Merlo lies in a land that is historically recognized to be the birthplace of great wines.
Wine tradition here goes back to ancient roman times and Bosco del Merlo vineyards stay between two consular streets: Via Annia and Via Postumia.

Our vines enjoy the breezes coming from the Adriatic sea and also the Dolomitic Alps influence. This peculiar microclimate ensures good temperature excursions that we know are good for the vine, because this plant gives its best fruits when stressed.

The soil is characterized from the “caranto” (from the late latin “caris” that means “stone”). It is a stratification typical of the venetian area, giving extraordinary and unique properties to the grapes.
That is why our wines, from the sauvignon blanc to the lison classico, from the merlot to the cabernet, are all unmistakable.


Bosco Del Merlo Website


Michael Pozzan - Dante

California, USA

The pleasure of good wine is not just about balanced flavors, a fragrant nose, or lush colors. It’s also about the moment when that first sip is taken, with family or friends, over favorite foods or during special occasions.

Michael Pozzan creates wines for moments like those, wines that capture the best of the varietals he blends, vintage after vintage. His long-time experience with growers from premier Napa and Sonoma vineyards allows him to seek out and hand-select exceptional fruit each growing season. These are wines of high quality and exceptional value — wines you’ll want to share with those you love, and with those who love wine. Michael Pozzan Winery currently produces 140,000 cases per year and distributes wine under five labels — Michael Pozzan, Annabella, Dante, Matthew Joseph and Marianna — in select markets throughout the United States.

Pozzan Winery Website


Radio Boca

Valencia, Spain
Radio Boca is from Valencia. You’ve probably heard of Valencia in reference to its famous oranges, or its famous dish, the Paella. There’s also a raucous festival in Valencia, The Falles known worldwide for its all night revelry. But Valencia also produces a very fine Tempranillo. The Tempranillo in Radio Boca grows mostly on the mountainside, on head pruned vines 25-50 years old. Altitude with attitude. The soils vary from dark miocene to chalky lime. Balmy days, brisk nights. What’s not to like for a vine living in Valencia?? The people from Valencia make a point of getting the most out of life. So do the wines.

Domaine Fontaine du Clos


Located in the heart of Provence, between the lacy peaks of the Dentelles de Montmirail and the imposing Mont Ventoux, we enjoy an ideal climate throught the year. Indeed; the sun, rain, and the mistral accompany us and help us shape the fruit of our labor. Created in 1990 by John and Nicole Barnier, Fontaine du Clos is now run by their son Jean-francois and his wife Celine. The cellar has over 32 different varietals because we are both wine growers and a nursery for grape vines. These two activities allow us to have a better understanding of the vine and develop a comprehensive range of products.

Fontaine du Clos Website


Merry Edwards

California, USA

Completed in 2008, this state-of-the-art facility is located in the heart of Russian River Valley near the town of Sebastopol. Nestled amid the vines at Coopersmith vineyard, tastings educate visitors about Merry’s handcrafted Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. Experience wines produced with a genuine sense of place using site-specific viticulture and gentle, traditional winemaking practices. Merry and her husband, Ken, invite you to join them at their estate winery.


Merry Edwards Winery Website


Château de Fontainebleau


The Château Fontainebleau is an area that dates from the 17th century. Bought in 2009, it is now expanding. At the heart of Green Provence, the Fontainebleau castle enjoys a truly exceptional situation and practices biodynamics.

Château Fontainebleau Website



Washington, USA

Mike Januik has been making wines in the Columbia Valley since the mid-1980s, affording him the opportunity to work with a dedicated group of top growers. When Mike established his own winery in 1999, he developed a short list of vineyards he considered to be among the best in the state. Such well-known, mature sites as Champoux, Seven Hills, Klipsun, Ciel du Cheval and Red Mountain, to name just a few, are the single greatest point of difference in Januik wines.


Novelty Hill-Januik Website


Nine North Wine Company

Califor, USA

Of all of California’s American Viticultural Areas, Napa Valley is certainly the most famous wines from there are revered worldwide. Napa Valley land is the source of our popular Twenty Bench Cabernet Sauvignon, the first wine made by Nine North Wine Company twelve years ago.

But there are many other not-as famous-parcels of land throughout Northern California that are yielding terrific fruit. And because the land values are not as astronomical as Napa, this fruit can be had at a substantially lower cost per ton resulting in excellent wines that are a good value for the variety.


Nine North Website



Treviso, Italy

The Pizzolato family has been working in agricultural sector for more than five generations living in harmony with nature and the environment. The estate covers an area of 58 hectares and it also collaborates with neighboring producers contributing an additional 48 hectares of organically grown grapes.

The estate is located in the rich and flourishing countryside in the north of Treviso and the vineyards are situated on the plains and hillsides in this DOC area.

The Pizzolato family produces Prosecco, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Merlot, Cabernet, Pinot Nero and Raboso DOC grape varieties specializing in organic grape cultivation and in wine production. In the winemaking and bottling process Pizzolato proudly uses the most up-to-date technology.  The wines of La Cantina Pizzolato come from organically grown grapes to meet the expectations of today’s health-oriented  consumer.


Calatayud, Spain
The winery is located in Villarroya de la Sierra, one of the highest areas of the DO made
of Paleolithic materials, mainly quartzite and slate. In addition the soils have the right
organic content, which provide sufficient nutrients to the plant with proper aeration.
The climate offers little rain and large temperature fluctuations between day and night.

The grapes for Filon come from old vines vineyards, 30-40 years-old, with yields of 2T/Ha
and located on the hillsides, 3,000 ft above sea level, around the north zone of
Calatayud appellation.

Jules Taylor Wines

Marlborough, New Zealand
Jules and viticulturist, Jeremy Hyland, have used their not inconsiderable knowledge of the region to find those small parts of vineyards that will produce the grapes and the flavour profiles that they are looking for. But as much as seeking special bits of land, and grapes, they also look very much for relationships. The relationships that they have with their winegrowers are very important. They want people who care about what they produce. Good relationships produce good grapes. And it’s good grapes that make the best wines.

Jules Taylor Website


Veneto, Italy
Paladin vineyards, which look like beautiful gardens, are immersed in the harmonious rural landscape recalling ancient traditions and cultures.
The estate extends between Eastern Veneto and Friuli with almost 100 hectares of green vineyards. This is a territory in which viticulture and enology enjoy an ancient and renowned tradition.
In this area the love for wine and viticulture date back at least to the Roman age: in the first century a.d. Plinio used to describe this rich area as a wide vineyard and used to describe the ships which, full of wine amphoras, sailed from the Adriatic ports to Rome. Centuries later, the Republic of Venice used to import the “noble drink”, object of trade exchanges all over its dominion.
Finds testifying the ancient production of wine in this territory were found in our vineyards in Lison.

Stellar Organics

West Cape Province, South Africa

Stellar Winery is one of South Africa’s top producers and exporters of organic, fair trade wines. Situated just outside of the Namaqualand town of Vredendal, the cellar processes grapes from farms stretching from Bulshoek Dam in the south to the cool climate vineyards of Koekenaap, close to the mouth of the Olifants River on South Africa’s west coast.

The uniqueness of Namaqualand infuses our business and our product. Glorious carpets of spring flowers, hot sunny summer days, cold nights with an awe-inspiring canopy of stars overhead and quirky, straight-talking people are what this region of South Africa’s Western Cape Province is all about. Learn to love our wine and the chances are that you’ll end up loving us too.

Meanwhile, we’d like to invite you to take a quick tour of our small universe. Welcome!



Stellar Organics Website



Mendoza, Argentina

At their small winery in rural Luján, Héctor and Pablo Durigutti craft various artisan wines including some top Malbecs and two of the country’s best examples of Bonarda.

Héctor is considered one of Argentina’s top authorities with regards to both the Malbec and Bonarda grapes. He first became known for his work alongside Alberto Antonini as one of the co-founders of Altos Las Hormigas – the forward- thinking project that placed Argentine Malbec on the international map in the late nineties. With extensive experience in Europe (including a stint at Antinori), Héctor has developed a unique winemaking style that blends old world tradition with modern innovation. Héctor’s younger brother Pablo has quickly built a reputation for himself as well, with a star-studded resume including work with Catena. Today, both brothers are some of the country’s most sought-after consulting enologists. This boutique project that bears their name is their pride and joy.

Durigutti Website


Left Coast Cellarss

Oregon, USA

Left Coast Cellars is driven by a commitment to sustainability and the land. We carefully craft exclusively estate-grown Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc, Viognier and Syrah. Our specialty is single vineyard wines. We are one family, one vineyard, one brand. We are the Willamette Valley Estate.

Left Coast Cellars Website


Veneto, Italy

Cielo 1908

Cielo 1908 presents a family of classic premium Italian wine, like Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir and a Pinot Grigio Blush. We have been delivering great Italian wines since 1908, today we are proud to expand our family, innovating local traditional wines.

Cielo Website

Graham Beck

Stellenbosch, South Africa

The two adages: ‘great wine is made in the vineyard’, and ‘focus on getting the basics right the first time’ are what guide us in our quest to craft highly individual wines of exceptional quality and universal appeal.

This approach signifies the golden thread which is indelibly woven through our winemaking journey – from each unique vineyard block to each glass of Graham Beck wine. It is of cardinal importance to truly ‘know your vineyard’ so that you can identify its unique terroir and fruit characteristics – this ‘vinous fingerprint’ will be reflected in the final product and is a testimony to our unbridled commitment to raising the bar in terms of quality and consistency.

In the vineyards we continuously strive to follow the optimal practices to ensure total balance, as far as possible avoiding additional stress factors and ensuring by all means possible that we harvest at optimal ripeness – a task made easier with the wonders of modern technology at our disposal.


Graham Beck Website


Chateau Saint-Pierre


As far as we know, the château Saint Pierre domaine dates back to the eleventh century. Recent rehabilitation work in the cellar has turned up vestiges of a church dedicated to Saint Pierre that had belonged to foulques, the lord of les Arcs. This priory and the land around it were bequeathed to the Saint Victor Abbey in 1055, and later became a country estate belonging to the les Arcs parish.

Handed down from father to son for the past four generations, the château’s vineyards of mostly noble grape varieties (AOC designation of origin) currently comprise 55 hectares that stretch from the Argens River up to the foot of the Maures mountain range. At Château Saint Pierre, we are ever attentive to the extreme importance of the local soil and have always maintained natural methods of cultivation that allow the vines to produce their best.

Chateau Saint Pierre Website

Azienda Agricola Marchesi Incisa della Rochetta

Piedmont, Italy
Welcome to Marchesi Incisa della Rocchetta, one of the oldest and most respected winemaking families of Piedmont, Italy. Here we will refer to it as Piemonte. Since the days of our ancestor, Marchese Leopoldo, dating back to the mid 1800’s, we have been devoted to the vineyard cultivation in our unique terroir, the Monferrato Hills. Along with the hills of Langhe and Roero very nearby, these hills deliver some of the best wines in the world.

Vina Robles

California, USA

The Vina Robles Story

We craft wines that represent a stylistic bridge between the Old and New worlds, capturing the finesse associated with European wines while celebrating the bold natural flavors of our estate vineyards in Paso Robles.

Vina Robles Website

Bodegas Mano a Mano

Alhambra, Spain
The Mano a Mano Winery is located in the municipality of Alhambra, in the province of Ciudad Real, and it has invested strongly in the paradigm of this wine country; an autonomous region like Castile-La Mancha where half of Spain’s vineyards are centred. A spectacular building of more than 5,000 square metres houses the winery which is surrounded by 300 hectares of old Tempranillo vines.

Novelty Hill

Washington, USA

Novelty Hill and Januik are two independent wineries that share a destination tasting room and production facility in Woodinville, Wash. under the direction of Mike Januik, one of Washington State’s most acclaimed winemakers.

The partnership began in 2000, shortly after Mike met Novelty Hill’s owners Tom Alberg and Judi Beck and began consulting on the planting of a new vineyard, later to be named Stillwater Creek.  Being a vintner, Mike couldn’t imagine owning grapes without making wine.  It didn’t take much to convince Tom and Judi; later that year, they established Novelty Hill with Mike at the winemaking helm. After crushing two vintages in Walla Walla, the operation moved to Woodinville’s warehouse district in 2002 before putting down roots in 2007 in the stylish, modern state-of-the-art facility the two wineries share today.

NoveltyHill Januik website


Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Italy
You would be hard pressed to find two people more Friuli-obsessed than Bobby Stuckey and Lachlan Patterson. Even within Friuli their true passion for the region elicits some curious head scratching and warm Italian chuckles from the humble wine-makers and restaurateurs. Tuscany, sure. Rome, of course. But to be a complete Friuliophile?


Washington, USA

àMaurice is owned and run by the Schafer Family, situated on 20 perfectly sloped acres in the Blue Mountain foothills of Walla Walla, Washington. We create balanced wines that are critically acclaimed for sharing at the table.

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Carpene Malvolti

Veneto, Italy
Passion and tradition, research and innovation, handed down from father to son for over 145 years: this is Carpene Malvolti, the first company to submit quality Prosecco to the sparkling process, and a brand that is a leader in this field both in Italy and abroad. It was founded in 1868 by Antonio Carpene, who dreamt to produce a bubbly wine with the grapes harvested from the hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene. This dream has become a mission: producing high quality sparkling wine at each grape harvest. A dream that is still coming true today, day after day.


Lombardy, Italy

In 1984, Arturo Pelizzatti Perego, bolstered by the experience gained in his father’s and grandfather’s firm, decided to create ARPEPE. His aim was to realize the full potential of the unique Valtellina terroir with all the pride and determination required for such an ambitious goal.
To do so, Arturo started producing long-aging Nebbiolo wines according to the rules of the oldest traditions.

Today, Isabella, Emanuele and Guido continue their father’s work as the fifth generation of winemakers and growers. In just a few years, thanks to careful technological innovations and the choice of a young and passionate team, Arturo’s dream has come true: his rare wines are once again a major point of reference on the national and international wine scene.

AR.PE.PE Website

Caves des Vins de Sancerre

Loire, France

In 1957, around forty winegrowers grouped together to confront the economic difficulties of the era, pooling far more than mere financial concerns.

At the time, Robert, Marcel, Yvon, Geneviève and the others, hailing from the same terroir, hewn from the same rock and sharing the same time-honoured values, set up their cooperative at the top of the hill in Saint-Cyr-en-Bourg.

“They chose to share their experience, their expertise and their dreams„

Domaine de Millet

Côtes de Gascogne, France

Devoted to mixed farming and the production of Armagnac, the domaine produces today Côtes de Gascogne white wines.
Francis Dèche, the proprietor, who follows in the footsteps of five generations has a policy of quality : traditional grape varieties, vineyard cultivation with respect to the environment and constant development in the methods and means of vinification.
With his daughter Laurence, who joined him in 1999, they sell a full and varied range of wines that are just waiting to be discovered !

Domaine de Millet Website

Domaine d'Orfeuilles

Loire, France

Located on the old outbuilding of a medieval castle that no longer exits, the Domaine d’Orfeuilles was founded in 1947 by Paul HERIVAULT. The “Vouvray Appellation Controlée” vineyard now covers almost 20 hectares in the communes of Chançay and Reugny.

This vineyard is now cultivated by Bernard HERIVAULT and his son Arnaud. They make every effort to maintain the traditions in the cultivation of the vines as well as in production of their wines.

The Chenin variety is grown on clayey, clay-limestone soil with a high density of flint stone. This situation, specific for our vineyard, gives our wines an unmistakable characteristic: the famous “flinty taste”.

We produce sparkling wines with the traditional method and still wines that, depending on the year’s climate can be dry, medium dry, sweet and sometimes liqueur-like in the case of certain vintages. The average production consists of about 1100 hl per year.

Domaine d’Orfeuilles Website

Domaine Denis Carre

Burgundy, France

Situated in Meloisey in the Haut Cotes, this family Domaine in its present shape was created in 1975 by Denis Carre and has over the years grown to an estate of 13 Hectares (33 acres) with some 13 different appellations. Denis’ children, Gaetane & Martial have been involved in the vineyards since a young age and in 2008 both joined the family business full-time. The Domaine now receives the high accolades by top wine journals in France such as the Guide Hachette, and is noted for consistent high quality.

The vineyard work is meticulous and while not organic, “la lute raisonnee” is followed – in other words as organic as reasonably possible. The soil is worked and aerated, deleafing is done manually and the yield is constantly surveyed and measures taken to keep the volume well below maximum tolerances. Harvesting is entirely by hand, with small caissonsrates used to make sure that the whole bunches oxidize as little as possible before proceeding to the winery, where severe sorting takes place. Vinification is in French oak and will last for 10-15 months, followed by Domaine controlled bottling.

Domaine Gerard Tremblay

Burgundy, France

Gérard Tremblay, his wife, Hélène, and their son Vincent oversee a domaine that they inherited down a line of five generations. With 35 hectares of vines under production, most of them in the best Premier Cru and Grand Cru appellations, their Chablis range is among the most prestigious in the region. Gérard is justly famous for his ability to draw out the typicity of each of his distinct appellations, beautifully expressing the terroir vintage after vintage.

All of their wine is made from their own fruit. Grapes from 15 hectares of 20 year-old Chablis vines are vinified and matured in stainless steel. The grapes from the 40 year-old Premier Cru Montmains is treated with up to 20% new barrels, and the grapes from the tiny 0.6 hectares of Grand Cru Vaudésir is aged in up to 30% new oak barrels.

The domaine has a superb new winery, providing excellent conditions to bring out the quality of the fruit that these vineyards produce. Grapes are brought directly from the fields and put into pneumatic presses. The juice is then left to settle for more than twelve hours before being fermented in stainless steel. The entire work at the winery is done by gravity, avoiding unnecessary manipulations of the fruit or pumping of juices.

Domaine Tremblay Website

Italo Cescon

Veneto, Italy

Every wine is influenced by the background and the atmosphere in which it matures and that’s why, as we have learned thanks to ancient cellarmen and our father Italo Cescon, we give our wines all the time that they need to mature into our modern and functional cellar next to our headquarters in Roncadelle, Treviso, that consists of:

A repart for vinification in which there are the steel tanks for fermentation and stockpiling, with automatic device for temperature control and for sur-lie practice during maturation time, both for red and white wines.

An elevation cellar with Slavonia wood barrels, oaken barriques and tonneaux selected for us by an expert French cooper. The passage in wood allows the wine to take advantage of all those substances which, together with the constant micro aeration typical of the storage place, determine the enrichment of its bouquet and the achievement of an ideal aromatic and organoleptic complexity.

Refinement in bottles concludes the wine’s maturation. It completes its evolution becoming more refined from the olfactory and tasting point thanks to the controlled temperature that permits to wines to reach their optimal equilibrium.

Italo Cescon Website

Fabre Montmayou

Mendoza, Argentina

Hervé Joyaux Fabre, owner and director of Fabre Montmayou, was born in Bordeaux, France to a family of wine negociants. When Herve Joyaux Fabre arrived in Argentina in the early 90’s looking for opportunities to invest in vineyards and start a winery, he was impressed by the potential for Malbec in Mendoza. Within months he purchased the first of several old vine, high elevation vineyard sites under his control – an impeccable 37 acre spread in Vistalba planted with original rootstock Malbec vines in 1908. A pioneering Patagonian winery was constructed in the Rio Negro region ten years later. At present the family owns 217 acres of vineyard land in Mendoza (Vistalba, Compuertas, Tupungato) and 122 acres in Patagonia (Allen, General Roca). All wines are estate grown, farmed using traditional methods without the use of herbicides and pesticides, and fermented with native yeasts.

Fabre Montmayou Website

Domaine Parent

Burgundy, France

Domaine Parent, located in Pommard, in the heart of Côte d’Or, is today run by Anne Parent and her sister Catherine Fages-Parent, representing the 12th generation, and perpetuating a family tradition dating back to the 17th century.
In 1787, Etienne Parent had friendly and professional connections with Thomas Jefferson who was to become the 3rd President of the United States. He then became a forerunner of Burgundy wine exportations across the Atlantic.
At the beginning of 19th century, Claude Parent left Volnay, the family cradle, to settle in Pommard and to build Domaine Parent in 1803.
In 1947, Jacques Parent, then 19 years old, began working with his father Maxime. He then took over the management of the Domaine in 1953, and triggered an innovative impetus. Indeed, Domaine Parent was one of the first estates of Côte d’Or which sold all its production in bottles, in France on the best tables of French gastronomy, and overseas as well.
Jacques Parent’s will to work and ensure the continued existence of this family property allowed him to pass on the family estate calmly to his two daughters Anne and Catherine in 1998.

Domaine Parent Website

Domaine Francois Lamarche

Burgundy, France

“Domaine Lamarche was established 1797 on the prestigious terroirs of Vosne-Romanée and Vougeot. Lamarche produces fourteen different wines, most notably La Grande Rue, a monopole of the Estate and one of the rare grands crus of Vosne-Romanée. The Lamarche Estate, which now boasts a total surface area of nearly 28 acres, is a family Estate, whose origin goes back several generations. Last year Francois Lamarche, the owner of the Estate and la Grand Rue, died in a tractor accident working his vineyards. The estate remains in the capable hands of three women; his daughter Nicole, sister Genevieve and niece Nathalie, all of whom had been working with him in the vineyards and cellars for many years. We often talk about the hard work and sacrifice that winegrowers make to produce some of the finest wines in the world. This event reminds us that the life of the vigneron can be not only hard, but dangerous work as well. We honor all of the growers that give so much to produce great wine.

Domaine Lamarche Website

Domaine Meo Camuzet

Burgundy, France

“One of the best known symbols of Burgundy, Domaine Méo-Camuzet was founded at the beginning of the last century by Étienne Camuzet (member for 30 years of the French Parliament). Mr. Camuzet slowly built the Estate by purchasing some of Burgundy’s most exceptional vineyards, most notably in the Clos de Vougeot. As of 1985, the estate began selling under its own label, directly from the cellars. All the appellations of the domain are harvested and vinified by Meo Camuzet. Jean-Nicolas Méo is in charge of the Estate. Henri Jayer advises him on winemaking and Christian Faurois is vineyard manager.

Domaine Meo-Camuzet Website

Chateau de la Maltroye

Burgundy, France

Situated in Chassagne-Montrachet in the south of the Côte d’Or, Château de la Maltroye has been a family property since 1939. It is easily recognizable by its 18th century, glazed tile roof. The chateau also possesses superb cellars from the 15th century. The vineyard encompasses over 13 hectares in the appellation Chassagne-Montrachet and 2 hectares in Santenay. The domain produces around 70,000 bottles per year, 60% white and 40% red and uses traditional Burgundy grape varieties – Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Jean-Pierre Cornut, the current wine-grower, has magnificently reinvigorated this domain which now produces some of the best Chassagne-Montrachet on the market.

Chateau Goudichaud

Bordeaux, France

It is in 1930 that the Glotin family purchased the domaine, and Henriette Glotin ran it for 40 years. She was one of the first woman winemakers and she devoted herself passionately to the domaine.

Then Paul extended the estate to restore its original surface, broken up through the centuries.

Today, Yves runs Goudichaud in the same spirit of respect for the traditions and of development.

The estate covers 120 hectares, composed of vineyards (60 Ha), forests and grasslands. It has the particularity to represent a continuous precinct with natural boundaries (river and forest).

Hence the charm of this space, protected by nature and evolving with respect for it.

Chateau Goudichaud Website

Lucas & Lewellen

California, USA

Louis Lucas, a third generation grape grower, and Superior Court Judge Royce Lewellen met in 1975 through the Santa Maria Wine & Food Society. Louis was a well respected grower who had been supplying premium wine grapes for reputable Napa and Sonoma wineries for decades. Royce Lewellen was a passionate wine enthusiast with a vision for the future of the Santa Barbara County wine industry. Over the next twenty-five years, the Lucas and Lewellen families would grow in a deep friendship that would serve as the foundation for Lucas & Lewellen Vineyards.

The vineyards of Lucas & Lewellen are located in the three principal wine grape growing regions of Santa Barbara County: the Santa Maria Valley, the Los Alamos Valley, and the Santa Ynez Valley. These valleys all run west from the coastal mountains to the Pacific Ocean, allowing warm days and cool nights to produce a long, gentle growing season.

Lucas & Lewellen Website

Ferraton Pere & Fils

Rhone, France

A domaine attached to its roots, to its origins. Of men who are passionate, loyal to their heritage with which they have forged the identity Ferraton Père & Fils.
A team who observe, experiment. Always with the greatest respect.

Of those who work the land, the vines, the wine. A fraternity bringing together the vignerons of Maison Ferraton Père & Fils, in a quest for affirmed excellence.

For precious and generous wines. Unique witnesses to their land and climate.
Born of a commitment, a promise.
Ferraton Website

Champagne Bruno Paillard

Champagne, France

Maison Bruno Paillard sprang from its founder’s desire to create a champagne different from any other; extremely pure.

A great champagne for Bruno Paillard is – above all – an “assemblage”, blending: of diverse crus, grape varieties and vintages. It is about the constant desire to capture the quintessential finesse and elegance which champagne can bring when it is served with love and care.

Its style is a marriage of elegance and complexity which is manifested as a light and smooth effervescence, a remarkable purity, a true freshness and a silky texture.

Bruno Paillard Website

Ancient Peaks

California, USA

Ancient Peaks represents the shared vision of three longtime local winegrowing and ranching families—the Filipponis, Rossis and Wittstroms. Two generations are actively involved in the winery’s daily operations, all dedicated to producing extraordinary wines from Margarita Vineyard. In 2005, the three families acquired ownership and control of the Margarita Vineyard which stands alone as the southernmost vineyard in the Paso Robles region, tucked beneath the peaks of the Santa Lucia Mountains just 14 miles from the Pacific Ocean.

Ancient Peaks Website