Serendipity Wines

We have the pleasure of representing family producers who demonstrate an unwavering commitment to quality, consistency and terroir. Wine is not just a passion for them – it’s a way of life. While our work is not always as glamorous as a walk through the vineyard before harvest, our focus on logistics, thoughtful programming and strong sales support allow us to bring superior wines to market at value that exceeds consumers’ expectations. We also believe that open and honest communication with our partners maximizes our mutual success.

Our goal is to authentically deliver the winery experience to your customers, so we invest heavily in training and travel to our wineries in order to give our people the tools they need to be successful.

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Statewide Coverage

Serendipity Wines’ climate controlled warehouses are positioned in the three major markets throughout Texas to allow daily deliveries to our customers. We work with anyone and everyone from the largest retailers down to the smallest, most unique restaurants.